Jenny GG Photography 


Open Tours

Feel free to drop by during any of our open tours!

Monday- 5/1 10-6pm
Thursday- 5/4 10-5pm
Friday- 5/5 10-4pm
Saturday- 5/6 10-4pm
Sunday- 5/7 12-3pm
Monday- 5/8 10-6pm
Thursday- 5/11 11-3pm
Friday- 5/12 10-6pm
Saturday – 5/13 10-5pm
Sunday- 5/14 10-5pm
Monday- 5/15 10-3pm
Thursday- 5/18 10-3pm
Friday – 5/19 10-5pm
Saturday- 5/20 10-4pm
Sunday- 5/21 10-5pm
Monday- 5/22 10-6pm
Thursday- 5/25 11-7pm
Friday- 5/26 10-6pm
Saturday- 5/27 10-5pm
Sunday- 5/28 10-5pm

We are happy to show you around any day of the week, so please call us to make an appointment!

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