Basic Cakes & Cupcakes

3 Tier – $275.00 Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Carrot, Lemon, Spice


  • Flavored Mousse: Orange, Raspberry, Mocha, White Choc.
  • Flavored Ganache: Orange, Irish Cream, Mint, etc.



  • Buttercream, Chocolate, Cream Cheese, White Chocolate
  • Fondant Frosting add $75.00 for a 3-tier cake
  • Standard Cupcakes with Frosting $1.50 with Filling $2.00
  • Mini Cupcakes $2.00 per person

Signature Cakes

Priced Individually Below
Grand Marnier 3-Tier – $400.00
A white cake infused with Grand Marnier and chocolate chips with a Grand Marnier whipped ganache filling and ganache frosting
Pistachio Cake 3-Tier – $375.00
A pistachio cake with vanilla mousse filling and buttercream frosting
Chai Cake 3-Tier – $375.00
A white chai cake with vanilla mousse filling and spiced buttercream frosting
Tropical Cake 3-Tier – $375.00
White coconut cake with macadamia nuts with a pineapple orange filling and citrus cream cheese frosting
P.B. Bacon Cake 3-Tier – $400.00
White cake with whipped ganache peanut butter and crunchy bacon filling and peanut butter ganache frosting.

Signature Flavored Cupcakes $2.50 Mini Cupcakes $2.50 per person.

Cake Truffles

A luscious combination of cake, filling, fruit and/or frosting rolled into a truffle and coated with your choice of white or dark chocolate.

Chocolate Truffles

Rich creamy chocolate centers, can be made with your choice of white or dark chocolate for the filling as well as the coating. Grand Marnier, Espresso, Raspberry, Mint, Coconut, Hazelnut, PB Bacon, Caramel, Cherry, Mojito