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Styles of Food and Beverage Service Then and Now

Regarding food and beverage service, things have changed a lot over the years. From the way food is prepared and served to the way we order and pay for our drinks, everything has been impacted by technology and changing social norms.

From restaurants to bars to cafés, see how things have changed and what we can expect in the future.

Table service

Table service is a food and beverage service that has evolved. In the past, table service was typically only available in fine dining establishments. However, these days, table service is available in a variety of different types of restaurants, from casual to fine dining.

bars to cafés

There are several different types of table service, including plated service, family-style service, buffet service, and more.

Room service

In the past, room service referred to food brought to hotel guest rooms. This type of service is no longer common, as most hotels have removed room service from their offerings.

However, some luxury hotels still provide this amenity for guests. Room service typically includes a menu of items that can be ordered and delivered to your room.


There are many different ways to serve food and beverage, each with unique benefits. In the past, food and beverage service were often more formal, with waiters and waitresses serving multiple courses on trays.

Today, there is a greater focus on customer satisfaction, which has led to a more relaxed approach to service.


The take-out style of food service has changed little over the years, though there have been some minor changes. For example, some restaurants now offer “to-go” menus separate from their regular menu, while others have begun offering online ordering and delivery options.


In the past, drive-thru service was not as standard as it is now. This service has become increasingly popular over the years, as it is convenient for customers and businesses.

Drive-thru service is a food and beverage service that allows customers to order and pay for items without leaving their vehicles. This service is typically found at fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience stores.


Self-service is a food and beverage service where customers serve themselves from a buffet or counter. This style of service has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in casual dining settings.


There are four main styles of food and beverage service: American, Russian, French, and English.


American Service: This style is also known as family-style service. Food is served on platters and dishes in the middle of the table for guests to help themselves.

Russian Service: In this style of service, each guest is served a complete meal on their individual plate at the same time. Drinks are usually served in shot glasses or small cups.

French Service: French service is a bit more formal than the other styles. Food is plated individually by the kitchen staff and brought out to guests. Drinks are typically poured by the server from a bottle or carafe and then handed to guests.

English Service: This style is similar to French service, but the food is generally presented on large platters or trays instead of individually plated. Drinks are again usually poured by the server from a bottle or carafe and then handed to guests.

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