Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception Ideas To Make It A Day To Remember

You’ve planned a beautiful wedding, made all the right choices to make it memorable, and now you want to take it one step further. You want your guests to remember how much fun they had at your wedding reception!

You might not be able to control what happens in life, but there are plenty of ways to ensure everyone has a great time. Here are some ideas that will help make your special day stand out from all the others:

Make a Video

One of the best ways to make your wedding reception a day to remember is by creating a video. Video clips are a great way to capture all the fun moments, from the bride and groom’s first dance to their speeches and first kiss. You can also record all of the fun throughout the entire reception!

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Create Your Hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to group social media posts, and they can be used to promote a cause or event. You can create your hashtag to make it unique, then use it on social media and print it on your invites.

Provide Disposable Cameras On Every Table

Consider providing disposable cameras on every table. This will allow your guests to take candid shots of themselves and their friends, which is a great way for them to remember the day.

You can also have some fun with it by having your wedding party get ready together before the ceremony or even taking some photos with you in the limo on your way from one location to another.

Personalize Your Flowers

Flowers play a big part in making a wedding day special. They can be used to decorate the venue, the tables and the cake. You can even use them to personalize your wedding party’s outfits. Flowers are also an important part of any bride’s bouquet, so don’t forget that!

You can get creative with your flowers. Instead of using traditional white roses, for example, why not try some hot pink rose petals? If you’re having a fall wedding and want a more rustic flavor, consider using dried hydrangea with some fresh lavender sprigs as an alternative to fresh flowers like tulips or daffodils (or both!).

Have a Fun Photo Booth

This can be any type of prop that will help people get silly shots together—think wigs and sunglasses! Just remember that anything too risqué should probably be avoided for this situation since you’ll likely see these photos later down the road when everyone’s sober again.

Give Out Fun Favors

The best favors are both personal and practical. The ideal favor is one your guests will use or remember in the future, but not one that’s overly expensive or difficult to distribute. Here are some ideas for unique wedding favors:

Give each guest a bottle of wine with their name on it. You can have the bottles custom-made by a local winery or simply fill them yourself at home before distributing them to guests at the reception.

You can create a reception that is memorable and fun for everyone. The key is to do something unique, so keep these ideas in mind when planning your wedding day!

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