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Wedding Venue Checklist – 10 Must-Haves for Any Venue

Your wedding venue will be a huge determinant of whether your wedding will be the dream event that you’ve always wanted it to be. You will need to take many important factors into consideration. It helps to have a wedding venue checklist. Here are the ten must-haves for any wedding venue:

Try to Picture How your Wedding Will Look Like in the Venue

Visualization is a great method to determine whether a wedding venue is the right one for you or not. If you can’t visualize yourself having fun and eventful wedding here, then it is best to trust your gut and look elsewhere. It also helps to have a look at the pictures and videos of the previous weddings that took place in the venue in order to get a better idea.

fun and eventful

Does the Venue Take Rain Into Account?

The last thing you want is for your wedding dress and cake and for all the guests to get covered in the rain. Hence, make sure to ask the venue owner if they have a plan B ready and how fast it will be implemented. You will also want to inquire about whether any additional charges will be added in such circumstances.

Is It Convenient for Your Guests?

You don’t want to have a wedding venue that is difficult to reach. If the drive is too long and if there isn’t enough parking space, then your guests may arrive disgruntled at the wedding. You will also want to check if there are enough hotels around the wedding venue, as many guests will be arriving from different cities.

Is There Enough Capacity?

You need to have a clear count or estimate of the number of guests that will be arriving at your wedding. If the venue can’t hold that many people, you can expect an uncomfortable, overcrowded, and noisy wedding day. You will also want to know the kind of chairs and tables the venue will provide for your guests and if it will be possible for them to accommodate some extra guests.

Inquire About the Catering

Ask about their in-house catering. It is best to taste some samples and determine if the in-house catering is worth the money. Ask if they serve non-vegetarian food. You will also want to check for the kind of wine and drink options they have to provide.


The Venue Must Offer Privacy

Ideally, the surroundings of the wedding venue must be quiet and peaceful. You don’t want the music playing in other venues to interfere with your special day. The wedding venue must be gated and shouldn’t allow random strangers to walk through it.

Inquire About the Staffing

On the day of your wedding, you will want to have enough staff members to serve drinks and take care of the different aspects of the wedding, such as lighting and music. You will also want to have a coordinator present at your wedding to ensure that everything is happening like clockwork.

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